The DeltaERP e-Requisition module caters for various types of functions and processes which route for electronic authorisation . Each individual process can have customised workflow routing as dictated by your company's operating procedures. These workflow routings can be as simple or as complex as required, with one or many more levels of authorisation.

Each authorisation level is configured with a value limit for various transactions, for example a different approval limit can be applied for purchases, inventory issues, electronic work requests etc. If any requisition exceeds the approval limit for the applicable transaction type, it escalates to the approver's supervisor for approval and it will continue escalating until it reaches a supervisor with sufficient approval limit to approve the requisition.

Various budget checking formulae can be applied to determine if the approver has exceeded his available spending limits. If the available spending limits are exceeded, the requisition will escalate to the supervisor for approval. Requisitions not actioned in a defined time will automatically escalate to the next level supervisor.