Planned Maintenance

Maintenance of production assets in any capital intensive industry is critical to ensure optimal availability and utilisation. DeltaERP, through full and seamless integration with supply chain and financial modules, provide users with live real-time information to make informed decisions. Maintenance costs are accumulated not only for the life of the asset, but also for the life of the asset's components. Linking inventory items to a component's bill of materials ensures supply chain personnel are informed of spares requirement for pending job cards well in advance, giving ample time for spares procurement.

Resource planning and utilisation down to artisan level is catered for, as well as a powerful and flexible preventative schedule configuration with built-in schedule suppression where two schedules with different intervals fall due in the same week.

Breakdown, unplanned and service work orders can be captured after the breakdown event. As with any work order, labour hours and parts used are captured to provide a complete cost analysis. Downtime recorded is available online in the production information module.

Functionality level required can be tailored for simple to complex environments.